How To Use Gadgets In Spider-Man Miles Morales

Gadgets are your lifesavers in Spider-Man Miles Morales, they will help you pull off spidey moves and even grab a nice little combo attack on your enemies. Gadgets can be used anytime in the game but you will need to unlock them first. If you do not know but wish to, check this guide out.

How To Use Gadgets In Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Web Shooter

There are 4 gadgets that players can use in Spider-Man Miles Morales, Web-Shooters, Holo-Drone, Remote Mine, and Gravity Well. You will need to unlock gadgets to use them. All you have to do to use gadgets in Spider-Man Miles Morales is press L2 to enter Aim Mode. Here you can select your target and use the gadget on them.

You can even select which gadget you wish to use by pressing R1, this will quickly release the currently equipped gadget. If you hold R1 it will bring up the gadget wheel and here, you will be able to check out your ammo count or how even how many times you can use the gadget in the game.

The availability of gadgets and the ability to use them can bring up some creative styles in players whereby you will be able to take down enemies without having to walk up to them and beat them down with punches and kicks. You can simply use gadgets just like in Spider-man 2018 to beat enemies.

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Gadgets are fun and mostly make having to play Spider-Man Miles Morales, added with the powers that Miles already has, the game will let you play the game as if you were Spider-Man himself.

Quickfire gadgets will surely come in handy when you’re surrounded by a group of enemies and this is when you’ll need to have your trusty gadget by your side. This is all there is to know about how to use gadgets in Spider-Man Miles Morales.

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