New challenges are out for Mario Kart Tour’s second week of the Tokyo Tour event. One of the challenges asks players to use a heart three times. We’ll explain how you can easily do this in our guide below.

How to Use A Heart Three Times in Mario Kart Tour

Each driver has a special ability that can be obtained through item boxes. A few female characters have a Special Skill called Heart. From the tooltip, it says “this heart is overflowing with kindness! It will protect you from opponent attacks.”

Three characters have this ability at the time of writing this. Those characters are: Peach, Daisy, and Wendy. For this challenge, you’ll want to make sure you pick one of those drivers on a course that you can activate a Frenzy on.

One example of this is Wendy on Choco Island 2. With a bit of luck you can activate a Heart frenzy and quickly complete this challenge. Peach can Frenzy on Koopa Troopa Beach T, Yoshi Circuit R, Mario Circuit 1T, and Koopa Troopa Beach R. Daisy can Frenzy on Daisy Hills, Daisy Hills T, Cheep Cheep Lagoon R, and Shy Guy Bazaar R.

You can run the courses over and over until you get a Heart Frenzy, which should not really take all that many attempts. Use an item ticket to increase your odds every race.