Have you ever been deliberately blinded by a bright light? It’s pretty disorienting. That’s why the flashlights police carry are so powerful; all they gotta do is shine that thing right in your eyes, and everything just ceases to exist for a few seconds. If you’re lucky enough to have a powerful flashlight in a dangerous situation, like, say, the Trials of Dead By Daylight, you should make the most of it. Here’s how to use a flashlight in Dead By Daylight.

The flashlight is a category of item available to the Survivors of Dead By Daylight. Like all items, you can get them by filling in Bloodweb nodes or by scavenging them from chests. There are three varieties of flashlight you can currently obtain, as well as two limited-edition flashlights that aren’t currently available. They are as follows:

  • Flashlight – 8 seconds of use, standard stats
  • Sport Flashlight – 8 seconds of use, higher accuracy, lower battery consumption rate
  • Utility Flashlight – 12 seconds of use, less accurate, but brighter and causes longer blindness
  • Will O’ Wisp – 8 seconds of use, Halloween-themed, not currently available
  • Fourth Year Flashlight – 8 seconds of use, Anniversary-themed, not currently available

There are also numerous add-ons you can attach to a flashlight to alter the radius and intensity of the light, how long it blinds for, and how long the batteries last. 

How to Use a Flashlight in Dead By Daylight

To use a flashlight in DBD, simply hold down the right mouse button. While your light is on, your item gauge will steadily decrease. If you concentrate the light directly onto a Killer’s eyes (or a rough approximation of where their eyes would be for some really weird Killers) for a few moments, they’ll be blinded for a couple of seconds. Beware, though, as a blinded Killer can still move and attack, even if they can’t see you.

If you manage to blind a Killer while they’re carrying a Survivor, they’ll drop them and be stunned for a moment in the same way they would be if the Survivor wiggled free. If an ally is downed, a good strategy is to hide nearby, and when the Killer goes to pick them up, immediately shine them in the face.

Certain Killers interact slightly differently with flashlights. For example, if you shine your line on a Wraith while he’s cloaked, you’ll cause what’s known as a Lightburn, immediately revealing him and stunning him for a few seconds. This also works on a Nurse if performed while she’s charging a Blink. A flashlight can also be used to reveal and destroy Phantasm Traps set on the ground by a Hag, as well as the Husk left behind by a Spirit while she’s Phasewalking.