How to Unlock the Secret Rune Level in Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons there are a number of levels for players to unlock as they play through the game. These levels are all rather simple to unlock, but there is one secret level that is hidden. To help you find this end game easter egg level we’ve found some resources for you. Check out how to unlock the secret rune level in Minecraft Dungeons below.

How to Unlock the Cathedral Level?

To unlock the end game cathedral level you will need to have beaten the game on the standard game mode. Once you’ve done this you will unlock a cathedral at your camp. Inside this cathedral you will find 10 rune slots. These rune slots coincide with 10 hidden runes throughout the following levels:

  1. Creeper Woods.
  2. Pumpkin Pastures.
  3. Soggy Swamp.
  4. Cacti Canyon.
  5. Redstone Mines.
  6. Desert Temple.
  7. Fiery Forge.
  8. Highblock Halls.
  9. Obsidian Pinnacle.

To help you narrow down the secret locations of each of the runes in the levels above I’ve linked a very helpful video from InTheLittleWood. This video shows how to access each of the secret rune rooms.

Once you’ve collected all of the runes above you can return to the cathedral. Here you can press the golden switch to access a secret level. This secret level features a ton of cow enemies which is a nod to The Secret Cow Level that has appeared across various Diablo titles.

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