Image via Nintendo

The Melody Player is one of many tools you can use on your adventures to capture amazing photos of Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap. You’ll unlock a few things before then, like the Illumina Orbs, but you will get it soon enough. So, if you want to know precisely when you unlock the ability to play music, we’ll guide you through the process down below. Here’s how to unlock the Melody Player in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Unlock the Melody Player in New Pokemon Snap

The Melody Player unlocks when you meet the following criteria:

  1. Complete the Gounja Jungle (Night) level.
  2. Reach Research Level 2 on Founja Jungle (Night).

The process is pretty straightforward and linear, as you might expect from New Pokemon Snap. Essentially, you’ll unlock the item by playing through the game like you normally would. You will have to complete the Florio Nature Park day and night and reach Research Level 2 on both of them.

After completing Florio, you’ll get brought to Belusylva’s first area, the Founja Jungle. You start in the Daytime level, like usual, and will unlock the Nighttime level when you get to Research Level 2. 

After Todd explains the melody player functionality in your camera, you’ll be able to play a melody at any time during your adventures. To play a melody, simply press R on the controller. Music can do things like wake up Pokemon or make them behave a little differently. It’s like other tools in your arsenal, designed to help you optimize your photographing skills!

There you have it, that’s how to unlock the Melody Player in New Pokemon Snap. You can put it to use immediately by completing the Head-to-Head Competition LenTalk request. Bouffalants are an excellent example of a Pokemon that have different behavior when they hear a melody.