There’s just something inherently cool about tactical bladed weapons. All of the grim grit of medieval bladed warfare with the modern technical tweaks of the 21st century. The modern combat-ready axe is a marvel of lethal engineering, and you can obtain one of your very own in Call of Duty Mobile. Here’s how to get a combat axe in CoD: Mobile.

To clarify, there are actually two axes in CoD: Mobile: the regular axe, which you swing at people in the manner you’d typically expect from an axe, and the Combat Axe, which is a smaller axe designed specifically for throwing, preferably at heads. The Combat Axe has a base damage of 100, and if you can throw it right at an enemy’s head, it’s an instant kill. You can also pick it back up and use it again, so it’s a nifty weapon if you’re confident in your aim.

How to Unlock the Combat Axe in Call of Duty: Mobile

Getting a Combat Axe is a relatively easy matter. There’s no secret tasks or anything you have to accomplish; you’ll be gifted a Combat Axe for free upon reaching level 49. Of course, if you’re just starting the game, then getting yourself up to level 49 is probably going to take a little while, but you’ll get there soon enough if you play enough multiplayer and battle royale matches. 

Upon reaching level 49, you’ll be granted your Combat Axe automatically through your Player Level Rewards. To equip it, visit your loadout from the main menu. Bring up the “LETHAL” sub-menu, swipe right a few times, and you’ll find the Combat Axe. Tap Equip, and you’re off to the races. 

You can use a Combat Axe during regular multiplayer and battle royale matches, though if you want to get some practice with it before actually obtaining it, you can try it out in the Sticks and Stones gamemode. In Sticks and Stones, everyone’s starting loadout is set to the Combat Axe, crossbow, and ballistic knife, so it’s a great chance to get a feel for it.