How to Unlock Onmyo Magic & Ninja Proficiency Skill Points in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Onmyo Magic and Ninja (or Ninjutsu) skills are special skills that you can unlock and use in the game. Ninja and Onmyo Magic were also present in the first Nioh, but they work differently in Nioh 2. So, naturally, people will be wondering how to unlock Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic skills, as well as how to increase proficiency and get more skill points and skills. We’re going to answer these questions in our How to Unlock Onmyo Magic & Ninja Proficiency Skill Points in Nioh 2 guide.

How to Unlock Onmyo Magic & Ninja Proficiency Skill Points in Nioh 2
How to Unlock Onmyo Magic & Ninja Proficiency Skill Points in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 Ninjutsu & Onmyo Magic Skills – How to Unlock?

To unlock Ninjutsu Skills and Onmyo Magic skills in Nioh 2, you first have to find Ninja’s Locks and Onmyo Mage’s Locks, respectively, and use them from the Inventory menu. You can find these in missions at fixed locations (hit X and R1 on a mission in the world menu to see how many there are), and later, you can obtain them by completing missions at the Dojo.

Once you have one of the Locks and use them, press the touchpad and then select Learn Skills. Pick whichever skill you want. The next step is to go to a Shrine and hit Ready Jutsu. Select your Ninja and / or Onmyo Magic skill and assign it to a button shortcut. Boom, now you can use these abilities. Now, we have to figure out how to increase your proficiency in these skills and unlock new ones.

How to Increase Onmyo Magic & Ninjutsu Proficiency Skill Points & Unlock New Skills?

To increase your Onmyo Magic and Ninjustu skill proficiency and get new skill points in Nioh 2, you simply have to use them. Using Onmyo Magic increases your Magic proficiency, while using Ninja skills increases that proficiency. Pretty simple. Offensive skills give you more experience than defensive ones. You can spam simple things like Fire Talisman for Magic and Poison Blister-Beetle Powder for the Ninja. Each hit you land increases Proficiency. For every level of Proficiency you earn in one of the skill trees, you’ll get another Skill Point for that tree.

As for unlocking new skills, some of them are going to be unavailable until you complete certain missions in the Dojo. These become available as you progress through the game, and you will have to have a certain level of proficiency to play them. Lastly, if you want to carry more Onmyo and Ninjutsu abilities, you’ll have to invest Attribute points in them. You’ll also come across some passive skills for this, as well.

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