How to Unlock More Toys in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

When you setup your camp in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield you get access to a few activities like playing with your Pokemon and cooking curry. The first activity, playing, allows you to play with your Pokemon using toys. When you start your adventure you have two toys you can use, the Poke Toy, and the Poke Ball. If you wish to unlock more toys consult our how to unlock more toys in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield guide below.

Unlock Toys by Filling Curry Dex in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Image showing the Camping King in Pokemon Sword.

To unlock new toys to use when you play with your Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield you need to reach certain milestones on your Curry Dex. The Curry Dex keeps track of curry you make while camping. The person who will judge you on your Curry Dex is the Camping King who is located next to the south stair’s entrance to Motostoke in the Wild Area. When you ask him to judge your Curry Dex he will reward you at certain intervals with the following Pokemon camp toys (via

  • Fresh Ball — 5 curries
  • Weighted Ball — 10 curries
  • Soothe Ball — 15 curries
  • Mirror Ball — 30 curries
  • Tympole Ball — 50 curries
  • Champion Ball — 151 curries

The toys you unlock above are all mainly variations on the Poke Ball you have from the start. These variations change the way the ball fells and handles while playing with your Pokemon. Some of the toy balls even emit different squeaks and sounds when thrown.

That’s all you need to know on how to unlock more toys for your Pokemon to play with while camping. Do you like that they kept the rewards all balls? Wanted something else? Let me know in the comments below.

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