How to Unlock Adventure and Apocalypse Modes in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon looter that relies on increasing difficulty and harder loot in order to keep the game fresh. When you start your first playthrough you will play the game on default. There are two more difficult modes for you to unlock called Adventure and Apocalypse. These modes feature harder enemies and better loot, so it is worth the effort to unlock them. To learn how to unlock Adventure and Apocalypse Modes in Minecraft Dungeons read our guide below.

How to Unlock Different Modes

Image showing how to unlock the different modes in Minecraft Dungeons.

To unlock both Adventure and Apocalypse modes in Minecraft Dungeons you will need to complete a playthrough of the game on default. Upon defeat of the final boss you will unlock Adventure mode. Once you’ve unlocked Adventure mode you will be able to playthrough the game again on a higher difficult. Complete Adventure mode to unlock the ultimate difficulty mode of Apocalypse. For more information about the modes in the game read the brief descriptions below:


  • Enemies are balanced for a first playthrough.
  • Very few enchanted enemies.
  • Rewards are average.


  • Enemies are hard to defeat and hit hard.
  • New enemy enchantments.
  • Rewards are better.
  • New gear and artifacts available.


  • Enemies are ultra beefy and ultra punishing.
  • Lots of enemies with powerful enchantments.
  • Rewards are ultra good.
  • Even more gear and artifacts available.

If you want to see all that Minecraft Dungeons has to offer you will want to unlock all of the modes listed above. Not only do they increase in difficult, they also reward players with new gear and artifacts to collect.


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