When you’re competing in a battle royale, it’s important to secure allies to defend you from your numerous opponents. Of course, if you’re not playing a team battle, then said ally has plenty of incentive to just shoot you in the back of the head when you’re not looking. Ergo, you want allies that are explicitly loyal to you that will hunt down your foes without remorse. You need a hunting pack! Here’s how to tame wildlife in Fortnite.

With the advent of season 6 of Fortnite, the Island has once again undergone a multitude of changes, both in terms of its topography and its denizens. The newest arrivals to the Island are free-roaming wild animals with no allegiances but their own, but with a little coaxing, they can be made to support your cause. Currently, there are only four kinds of animals on the Island, only three of which can be tamed: wolves, boars, and chickens.

How to Tame Wildlife in Fortnite

If you play Minecraft or Valheim, taming a wolf will be a rather familiar endeavor. To tame a wolf, you’ll need to entice it with meat obtained from hunting another animal. Any other animal is fine. With the meat equipped, find a wild wolf and lob it in its general direction. Don’t let it see you, or it’ll become hostile. Let the wolf come over to inspect the meat, and while its back is turned, sneak up behind it and use the interact button to instantly tame it. The wolf is now on your side, and will immediately attack anyone who fires upon you.

Wild boars can be tamed in a similar manner to wolves, albeit with fruits or veggies from one of the farms instead of meat. With the same procedure as the wolf, throw the berries down and get out of sight. When the boar comes sniffing, sneak around back and interact to tame it. Again, don’t let it see you; boars are fiercely territorial and will attack on sight.

Finally, chickens, while they can’t exactly be “tamed” in the traditional sense, can be “utilized” to your benefit. Unlike wolves and boars, chickens don’t need any manner of bait. If you see one in the wild, all you have to do is chase it down and interact with it. Instead of taming the chicken, you’ll pick it up and hold it, and you can even store it in your inventory. If you jump from a high place while holding a chicken, you’ll start flying, just like in a Legend of Zelda game. You can jump and fly as many times as you want as long as the chicken is in your inventory.