Moder is the boss of Valheim‘s treacherous Mountain biome and one of the more challenging foes you’ll encounter on your journeys. Come prepared, and you’ll be able to take the creature down with no problems. We recommend a group of two to make this fight go smoothly, but it’s also possible as a solo player with the right strategy. Here’s our guide on how to summon and defeat Moder in Valheim.

Like all the bosses in Valheim, each has its vulnerabilities you can exploit to make the fight easier. Moder’s weakness is poison, so be sure to stock up on lots of Poison Arrows, Frost Resistance Potions, Stamina Potions, and Healing Potions. You may not need the Stamina and Healing Potions, but they’ll come in handy, just in case. The fight is also primarily a long-range battle, so bring your absolute best bow you can craft and plenty of Poison Arrows.

How to Summon Moder in Valheim

To summon Moder, you’ll have to find his sacrificial altar from inside one of the stone houses near the Mountains biome. The red glowing rune will mark Moder’s location on your map when you come across it so that you’ll know exactly where to go. The area is random, meaning it could be nearby or not so much. When you get to Moder’s summoning spot, you will need to offer 3 Dragon Eggs.

How to Summon and Defeat Moder in Valheim - Dragon Egg

Each Dragon Egg weighs 200 kg, which takes up pretty much all of your weight capacity. For this reason, we recommend grabbing the Megingjord belt from the merchant to increase your weight capacity to 450. You can find Dragon Eggs in the Mountains biome in nests guarded by Drakes. Each nest usually has one egg, so try searching in an area nearby Moder’s summoning spot. When you find a Dragon Egg, you can pick it up and drop it off at the altar to make room for another egg. Rinse and repeat until you have three eggs in total to offer.

How to Summon and Defeat Moder in Valheim - Sacrificial Altar

How to Defeat Moder in Valheim

Now that you have the proper materials to summon Moder, it’s time to formulate a strategy. At this point, you’re well aware of the usefulness of Frost Resistance Mead. You can also try farming some silver before this fight to craft some Wolf Armor pieces, as these give natural Frost Resistance attributes. Here’s a list of materials we recommend bringing to the Moder battle:

  • Frost Resistance Mead x2
  • Wolf Armour (optional)
  • Poison Arrows x100
  • Medium Healing Mead x2
  • Medium Stamina Mead x2
  • Strong Melee Weapon
  • Eikthyr Power
  • Good Health and Stamina Food

Like all Valheim bosses, Moder has three attacks: a melee attack and two ranged projectile attacks. The melee is your standard swipe attack, which is triggered by going into range. You can block the attack with a decent shield and perhaps even stagger the boss for some guaranteed critical hits.

Moder’s ranged attacks are dangerous, and you’ll want to make sure you have some cover nearby to block them. They slow you down, but luckily your Frost Resistance Mead and Wolf Armor will counter most of the damage. If you do get hit, you will get a slow debuff, so prepare accordingly.

Shoot Poison Arrows whenever you can, as the poison damage-over-time adds up. Moder is vulnerable to poison, so the damage ticks are fairly significant. Poison Arrows are the one item that makes this fight a breeze, as long as you bring enough of them. If you are in a group, have one player stand in a nearby tower to bait the ranged attacks. 

Pay attention to Moder’s attack animations, and you should have no problem dodging the attacks. Always shoot your bow every chance you get, but never fully deplete your stamina bar. Be persistent with your damage, and the fight is yours to win. Overall, Moder is not as tricky as the Swamp biome boss, Bonemass, but it’s still a challenging fight nonetheless. 

What items does Moder drop?

Moder drops a trophy, which you can hang up at the starting area for a sailing buff. She also drops a Dragon tear, which you can use to make an Artisan Crafting Table. You can’t craft much at the table itself, but it does unlock the Blast Furnace, which you can use to smelt down Black Metal Scraps. At this point, you’ll have access to craft the best items in the game.

Artisan Crafting Table Valheim