Genshin Impact‘s latest content includes a few different “hangout” events featuring Bennett, Barbara, Chongyun, and Noelle. We have some written guides if you want to unlock each of the endings and obtain all the Memory rewards. During Bennett’s Hangout Event, you’ll need to solve a fairly straightforward puzzle. The catch is that you’ll have to do it without any mistakes if you want a hidden achievement. Here’s how to solve the Bennett Hangout Puzzle in Genshin Impact.

You’ll eventually get to a room with a few different activation devices and torches. The only hint you get is that the number of torches is not the activation sequence, and perhaps it’s related to the position of the torches instead. Either way, Bennett advises you not to sweat it, and you won’t have to, thanks to this guide!

How to Solve the Bennett Hangout Puzzle in Genshin Impact

To solve the Bennett Hangout Puzzle, activate the devices in the following sequence:

  1. Activate the device closest to you
  2. Top left device
  3. Top right device

Start by first activating the device directly in front of you. From there, make your way to the front left and activate that one. Finally, you can activate the remaining device. Sure, it’s a simple solution, but you might have hurt Bennett once, and you’re dreading doing it again.

The logic here is challenging to understand at first glance, so I’ll attempt to explain it. The game board consists of nine tiles, and each tile consists of nine smaller tiles. We know the number of torches has nothing to do with the activation sequence, but the torches’ position does matter.

Refer to the top-left activation device, which has one torch. We can assume that’s our first point of reference for figuring out the sequence. The torch is on the bottom middle square, which means the bottom middle activation device is the one to hit first. Next, the top right tile has two torches, and the second torch is on the top-left tile. Therefore, the top-left activation device is second on the list. Match the colors below, and it might make sense, or confuse you even more. Hey, I tried!