I think if a portion of my wall just spontaneously fell off, I’d just force myself to come to terms with the fact that my home has a new, unclose-able window. I am not a handy person; if I tried to nail a board to a wall, chances are good I’d pound a nail through something important and make the problem worse. That’s the nice thing about crafting games like Valheim: even the completely construction-illiterate like me can build and maintain a nice home. Here’s how you can repair your home’s walls in Valheim.

To properly establish yourself in Valheim, you should endeavor to build yourself a proper house as quickly as possible. Of course, since your house is probably going to be made out of straw and twigs, it’s not going to be especially strong. Whether it be from monster attacks, players being jerks, or simply the passage of time and the onslaughts of the elements, the walls of your home will gradually degrade, as indicated by a small yellow bar next to each wall panel. If that bar empties, your walls will break, leaving you out in the cold, which you definitely don’t want.

How to Repair Walls in Valheim

Luckily, maintaining your home couldn’t be any easier. All you need to undo any wear and tear on your home is a single hammer. Don’t think too hard about it, it just works.

Open your inventory and equip your crafting hammer. With your hammer equipped, right-click to open the hammer’s crafting menu. On the top left side of your menu options, you’ll see a picture of the hammer itself labelled “repair.” This is the hammer’s repair mode, so give it a click to activate it.

How to Repair Walls in Valheim - Repair Function Hammer

With your hammer in repair mode, walk up to a wall panel and look right at it. It should light up in green and show its condition bar right next to it. To refill the condition bar, just give it a few solid whacks with your hammer. You can do this as much as you want to as many walls as you want; repairs with the hammer cost no resources save for your own stamina, which’ll refill if you just stand still for a moment.