In Valheim, you’re going to be doing a lot of two things, chopping and mining. Throughout the entire game, you will be continuously chopping wood and mining different kinds of nodes. All that work will put a toll on your tools, and over time they will break. But don’t worry, in Valheim, you can fix your tools. Here is how to Repair Tools in Valheim.

How to Repair Tools in Valheim

All tools, armor, and weapons in Valheim have a durability rating. Their durability will slowly diminish with use. You can see your durability as a white bar underneath your tools and also as a statistic when you inspect them.

Luckily repairing your tools is a breeze. To repair in Valheim, you will need a Workbench for the more basic tools and a forge for the more advanced ones.

How to Build a Workbench

Building a workbench is simple. All you need is ten pieces of wood. You can find branches lying around the ground, which should be enough to get it started. You can repair simple tools like stone axes, flint axes, pickaxes, leather armor, and more at the workbench.

How to Build a Forge

Building a forge is a bit more involved. For a forge, you will need:

  • Stone x4
  • Wood x10
  • Coal x4
  • Copper x6

To smelt the copper, you will need a smelter, and for the coal, you will need a kiln. Once you have the forge built, you can repair bronze axes, bronze pickaxes, and more.

Valheim Forge

How to Repair at the Workbench or Forge

To repair your tools, all you need to do is walk open and interact with either your Workbench or Forge. One the left side of the menu there will be a little hammer icon. Clicking this icon will repair one of your tools. 

Hit it repeatedly to repair more items on your character. When there is nothing left to repair, the button will be greyed out. Remember to always repair before you leave your base and if you are going on a long trip, either bring multiple tools or enough material to build yourself a remote workbench. That’s all there is to it. Now you know how to repair tools in Valheim.