Genshin Impact has lots of fresh new content to explore with The Chalk Prince and The Dragon version 1.2 update. If you’ve been working your way through the event quests, you may have noticed a few of them deal with a weapon known as Festering Desire. The one-hand sword is a reward during Albedo’s questline, but it’s not clear you to refine it. Here’s how to refine the Festering Desire in Genshin Impact.

How to Refine the Festering Desire in Genshin Impact

To refine the Festering Desire, you’ll need to farm up some of the following event currency and purchase a Festering Dragon Marrow:

  • Glimmering Essence x600
  • Warm Essence x600
  • Miraculous Essence x400

You can obtain Glimmering Essence by completing Testing Grounds events. These occur after completing Act II of Alebdo’s questline. During this time, Travelers can activate the event and defeat a few waves of enemies. When the enemies are complete, a chest spawns containing some Glimmering Essence.

After completing five or so Testing Grounds events, you should have enough Glimmering Essence. Open up the Event Shop and look for an item called Festering Dragon Marrow. It should be near the top of the list. The item is a refinement material for the Festering Desire sword. Rather than get another Festering Desire, you can simply throw this material in the refinement slot to upgrade it.

You can obtain Warm and Miraculous Essence by completing the Act III and Act IV portion of The Chalk Prince and The Dragon event. These unlock on December 28 and December 30, respectively.

Festering Dragon Marrow is a specialized refinement material for Festering Desire. It is the product of purifying Durin’s vile venom, which has seeped into and spread throughout Dragonspine’s ley lines. By using it on a bloodthirsty sword with a strong affinity for such materials, you can increase that sword’s power.