You can do almost anything in the game of BitLife, but a lot of activities have special requirements. Take specific sports and physical activities, for instance. You’ll need to have a proper amount of athleticism to compete. In this guide, we’ll show you how to practice gymnastics in BitLife, in case you need to do this for one of the weekly challenges.

How to Practice Gymnastics in BitLife

  1. Be a female
  2. Have high athleticism and health
  3. Be in middle school, high school, or university
  4. Apply for gymnastics from the activities menu

First off, you’ll need to start a life as a female character. Your starts don’t matter too much, but be sure not to pick a special talent that will decrease your athleticism. Do well in elementary/primary school, and go to the gym as soon as possible. You can also try training a martial art to get your athleticism up. Continue aging up until secondary school or high school.

The option to try out for the gymnastics team might automatically pop up if your friends join the team. Again, you will need to make sure to have high athleticism and health. Some of these stats are random, but you can improve them while you’re young. You can tap on the option to try out for the team or go into the school activities menu and find gymnastics on the list. The activities list alphabetically, so go down the list and look for it. There’s a chance you won’t find it, and in that case, you’ll have to start a new life and try again.

How to Practice Gymnastics in BitLife

When you’re on the gymnastics team, you can tap on your school and then go to the gymnastics option. You’ll be able to practice harder to become better at it or quit the team entirely. That’s everything you need to know about how to practice Gymnastics in BitLife. I hope this helps you complete your challenges. Good luck!