You’ll encounter various types of creatures in your journeys throughout Valheim, some more dangerous than others. All enemies have one thing in common, though, and that is their ability to drop trophies. What better way to show off your dominance by displaying the trophy on the wall of your Viking longhouse? We’re here to show you how to do just that. Here’s how to mount a trophy on the wall in Valheim.

Mounting trophies on your wall isn’t something you can do right off the bat. It takes some progression through the game, and you’ll need to have reached the point where you can craft bronze. If you’re already there, you can continue below to see how to do it. Otherwise, we recommend playing a bit more and focusing on upgrading your workbench, building a forge, and smelting some copper and tin.

How to Mount a Trophy on the Wall in Valheim

To mount a trophy on the wall in Valheim, you need to make the following materials:

  • 1 Bronze Nails
  • 4 Fine Wood
  • Workbench

Bronze nails are crafted at a Forge and require just a single Bronze bar, which is craftable from 2 Bronze bars and 1 Tin bar. After preparing your first set of bronze nails, you’ll unlock a few new recipes. One of these new recipes is called the Item Stand.

You can find the Item Stand under the Furniture section of the crafting menu when you pull out your hammer. Place the Item Stand anywhere on your wall of choice, assuming you have the proper materials. You can now equip any of your various trophies to your action bar (numbers 1 through 8). Walk over to the Item Stand and press the corresponding number to put the trophy onto the item stand.

You should now be able to see your trophy hanging from the wall or wherever you have your item stand. It’s a simple process but can be confusing to figure out at first.