A proper organized crime operation, metaphysical or otherwise, requires a large quantity of funds. You gotta buy healing items for everyone, constantly update their equipment, buy all the limited-edition snacks in every city, line Lavenza’s pockets for ideal Persona fusions- boy, who knew being a Phantom Thief was so expensive? Guess it’s time to find some new sources of income. Here’s how to make money in Persona 5 Strikers.

As you travel through Jails, defeating Shadows and looting sellable materials, you’ll gain a pretty steady amount of yen. As long as you don’t purposefully run away from too many fights and open every box, you should have just enough cash to update everyone’s weapons and armor by the time you fight a Jail’s Monarch. Of course, you’ll need a lot more cash than that to buy limited edition stuff and fuse new Personas, so you may need to grind a smidge if you want to get everything ever.

How to Make Money in Persona 5 Strikers

First and foremost, you need two particular Bond skills: Extortionist and Treasure Hunter. Extortionist increases the amount of Yen you get after every combat encounter, while Treasure Hunter increases the spawn rate of the rare Treasure Demons. Whenever you defeat a Treasure Demon, you’ll receive a massive payout of cash, and that payout only gets bigger if you’ve got Extortionist. If money’s your concern, you’ll want to try and level both of those skills up to their maxes as soon as possible. 

Speaking of rare combat encounters, after you clear a Jail and move on, you’ll usually get a Request to re-fight the Jail’s Monarch. These re-fights can be repeated as much as you like, paying a large sum of cash upon each victory. While not as profitable as Treasure Demons, they are much more reliable. Incidentally, repeatable quests often have cash prizes for their completion in lieu of their original rewards, so that’s another solid way to earn a quick hundred thou.