The ability to mix and match blueprint attachments should have been in Warzone and COD from the very start of Modern Warfare when we started to see all of these different microtransaction bundles. Eventually, we got it, though, and it’s a feature that has thankfully carried over to Cold War, albeit a little late. So, here’s how you can make your own custom blueprints in Cold War’s gunsmith. 

How to Make Custom Blueprints in Call of Duty Cold War

First of all, you actually own some blueprints already. If you don’t, then you can’t really mix and match now, can you? When you first log in, launch the game and head right on over to your weapons tab as if you were going to edit your loadout. 

After that, you select the gun you’re kitting out, select the attachment you’re looking at, and click on the gunsmith icon next to that attachment. This should bring up a menu that lists out all of the relevant weapon blueprint attachments that you have for that slot. Click on the one you want, and voila. Once you’ve got all of the attachments you want, make sure you save and rename that blueprint so that it actually registers in your loadout. 

If you have a Legendary blueprint that shoots tracers, and you want to keep the tracers, start with that blueprint. Keep this in mind when you’re picking out a blueprint to start kitting out. The more blueprints you have unlocked, the more attachments you’ll be able to mix and match!