In the life simulation game of BitLife, you can become anything you want. There’s no limit to what you can learn how to do, but it can take some experimenting to figure everything out. For some challenges, you may need to know how to do specific things, such as learning how to swim. Swimming is an important skill, and it will help you complete The Titanic Challenge, for instance. In this guide, we’ll show you how to learn to swim in BitLife.

How to Learn to Swim in BitLife

Follow these steps to learn how to swim in BitLife:

  • Age up to 13 years old
  • Join the middle school swim team

To learn how to swim in BitLife, you’ll first want to age up to at least 13 years old. From there, you can tap on the name of your middle school and go to the Activities tab. From the list of activities, you should see the option to join the swim team. 

Tap on the option to try out for the Swim team from the activities menu. As long as you are healthy, you should get onto the team without any problems. If successful, you’ll see a prompt saying you successfully tried out and were selected for the middle school swim team. 

After joining the swim team, you will automatically learn how to swim. If you are doing this to complete a challenge, you can head back to the challenges menu and make sure you get credit for it. For other water-related activities, you can check out our guide on how to get a boating license.