Are you trying to get your Regina George on in BitLife? There are many different cliques you can join in high school, and each one has different requirements. If you’ve ever watched the movie Mean Girls, you might have a good idea of what it takes to be in the Mean Girls clique. Whether you are looking to complete the Mean Girls Challenge or want your Bitizen to be that stuck up popular girl in school, here’s how to join the Mean Girls Clique in BitLife

How to Join the Mean Girls Clique in BitLife

To join the Mean Girls Clique, be in high school and tap on the school button. Tap on your high school name and then tap on the Cliques option. If you’re a girl, you should see the option to join Mean Girls. Before you do that, make sure to meet all these requirements first:

  • Max out your looks
  • Be popular in High School
  • Try out for Cheerleading or Gymnastics

To join the Mean Girls clique in BitLife, you’ll want to make sure you meet a few of the requirements. Just think of Regina George from Mean Girls. She’s good looking, very popular in her high school, does cheerleading, and socializes with other popular peers. Ideally, you want to meet all of these criteria before trying to join the clique. 

While your looks are random, you can improve them by working out a lot and taking care of yourself. If your looks are high, it’s time to start focusing on your popularity. The easiest way to do this is by joining a sport like cheerleading and interacting with other popular people. Make other popular people your friends, and you should start to get into the green popularity status soon enough.

When you meet all these requirements, you can tap on your school name and join the Mean Girls clique. Next, choose the option to start hanging out with the Mean Girls. You should then immediately become a member as long as you are popular and good-looking enough.