Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite Festival is upon us, and travelers can claim a 4-star Liyue character and participate in many new challenges and content during this time. Players will need to acquire Xiao Lanterns to complete Lantern Rite Tales requests and Theater Mechanicus challenges, so you’ll probably want to understand how they work and how to make them. Here’s how to get Xiao Lantern materials in Genshin Impact.

You can pay a visit to Jingming in Liyue Harbor, the Lantern Overseer, to craft Xiao Lanterns. He requires some specific materials to craft the item, so you might be wondering where to farm them. We got you covered in our walkthrough below. Essentially, you can get these materials from collecting resources and killing mobs throughout Mondstadt and Liyue.

How to get Xiao Lantern Materials in Genshin Impact

To craft a Xiao Lantern, you will need the following materials:

  • Plaustrite Shard
  • Lantern Fibre
  • Wick Material

Lantern Fiber

Lantern Fibers are an item you can collect from various plants around Mondstadt (and other regions). Perhaps the easiest way to get the fibers is by picking Valberry bushes. The reason is that these always give you four Valberries per bush, which translates into 4 Lantern Fibers. An excellent place for collecting Valberry is in the Stormbearer Mountains.

While you’re there, collect any apples, mint, or sweet flowers along the way, as they will also net you some Lantern Fibers.

Wick Material

Another resource used in the Lantern Rite Festival’s Xiao Lanterns is Wick Material. You can obtain these from eliminating Fatui elites and hilichurl-type enemies. As you can imagine, this is relatively simple because hilichurl are nearly everywhere in the game. You can pull open your Adventurer’s Handbook and track some of the hilichurl or Fatui-type bosses.

Head over to the Stormbearer Point fast travel location in northeast Mondstadt. Go north, and you should run into a couple of camps of hilichurl mobs. 

Plaustrite Shard

Plaustrite Shards are the last material you will need to make some Xiao Lanterns. You can find these from mining any node, whether it be Crystal Chunks or White Iron Chunks. Go to your usual Crystal Chunk farming route, or check out our guide, and you should get plenty of Plaustrite Shards.

Following these tips, you can easily farm enough Xiao Lantern materials to last you for most of the event. It’s easily possible to create 100 or more Xiao Lanterns in advance, so you won’t have to worry about it later. Good luck!