Here’s a fun fact: medieval-era morning stars (or spiked maces, if you prefer) weren’t actually designed to kill with their spikes, at least not first and foremost. It was a dual-purpose weapon; if you just wanted to teach a guy a lesson, you’d give him stern poke with the spikes. They were sharp enough that you could injure without too much effort. If you put your full strength into it, the weight and density of the head would inflict mortal damage with or without the spikes. So technically, a mace doesn’t need spikes to be an effective crushing weapon. Then again, they look so much cooler, as the weapons of Valheim exemplify. Speaking of, here’s how you can craft the Porcupine mace in Valheim.

Out of all the big honkin’ maces in Valheim, the Porcupine is unquestionably one of the biggest and meanest. This big pointy lug of a one-handed mace features a sturdy wooden construction covered in massive, cruel glass spikes. With simultaneous blunt and piercing damage of 50 and 45, respectively, it’s basically a toss up as to which end of this thing will kill a dude first. To craft such a lovely piece of equipment, you’re gonna need the right tools and, perhaps more importantly, the right materials.

How to Get the Porcupine Mace in Valheim

In order to create the Porcupine, you’ll first need its recipe. You’ll receive this recipe automatically the first time you create Linen thread. How does Linen factor into the construction of a big spiked mace? I dunno, we’re just following recipes here. 

Linen doesn’t occur naturally, so you’ll need to make it yourself from Flax, which you can find growing near Fuling camps in the Plains biome. To process the Flax, you’ll need a Spinning Wheel, and to get that, you’ll need to have killed Moder and used his Dragon’s Tear to create an Artisan’s Table. Using the Artisan’s Table, you can place the Spinning Wheel, process the Flax, and get your Linen.

When you’ve got the recipe, you can assemble your Porcupine at a level 4 Forge with the following ingredients:

  • 5 Fine Wood
  • 20 Iron
  • 5 Needles
  • 10 Linen

Put it all together, and voila, the Porcupine! Truly a prince among pointy things. Mount it somewhere nice, or go find the nearest Greydwarf to introduce it to.