Genshin Impact‘s version 1.3 update brings lots of new content into the game, including a few weapons and a gadget called the Parametric Transformer. This new device can transmute materials placed within and convert them to another material. While you may have seen this item mentioned in the patch notes, you’re probably wondering how to get it. We’ll show you how in this guide. Here’s how to get the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact.

How to get the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact

To get the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact, you must complete a world quest from Lan, the Branch Master of the Adventurers’ Guild. You can find Lan over in Liyue Harbor, next to the Adventurers’ Guild icon on the map. Refer to the screenshot below if you’re unsure. 

Where to find Lan in Genshin Impact

The quest from Lan is called Tianqiu Treasure Trail, and it sends you north of Mt. Tianheng and then to the Dunyu Ruins. Completing the Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest itself is relatively straightforward. You’ll need to defeat few foes to obtain a Treasure Map. The map contains a treasure location just northwest of you in Dunyu Ruins.

You can glide on over to Dunyu Ruins from the previous waypoint. If you pull up the Treasure Map from your bag and look for the red X marking the spot, you can see the treasure is supposedly north of the small pond. When you get to the treasure location, you’ll have to investigate a Ruins Investigation Log and then a Strange Note on the stone slabs nearby.

The strange note leads you to three nearby locations, where you have to defeat a few foes to find three treasure boxes. Once that’s complete, you can return to Lan and speak with her. She will give you the Parametric Transformer as a reward for completing the World Quest.

What does the Parametric Transformer do?

According to its description, the Parametric Transformer allows you to input materials and transmute them into another material. During the transmutation process, you must use Elemental Attacks to generate enough energy for the transmutation to take place.

Equip the Parametric Transformer from your gadget bag, and then place it on the ground. Input materials that add up to 150 Quality into the device. The quality of materials is determined by what levels monsters drop it. Here’s the material quality breakdown:

  • 1 Quality: Materials dropped from enemies below level 40
  • 2 Quality: Materials dropped from enemies level 40+
  • 4 Quality: Materials dropped from enemies level 60+

After filling up the device, you’ll need to perform Elemental Attacks with your heroes to fill the meter to 100%. Afterward, you can collect the transformed items. You lose all the original items you input into the device, so keep that in mind.

The items you get out of the Parametric Transformer are Talent ascension materials, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Hero’s Wit, and Adventurer’s Experience. In short, you get items that level your characters and items from the device. The outcome of items appears to be random, and it does not look like there’s a strict conversion table.

You can only use the Parametric Transformer once every seven days. As a side note, you can pick the gadget up off the ground if you drop it and decide you don’t want to use it yet. To do this, just go into your inventory and select the gadget, and tap on Retrieve.