When you’re sharing a body with a malignant AI construct, much like Cyberpunk 2077’s V with Johnny Silverhand, you gotta learn to coexist with each other. It’s both your necks on the line at any given time, so it pays to be on good terms. Who knows, it may lead to something fun. Here’s how to get the “Blistering Love” side quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Over the course of Cyberpunk 2077’s story, Johnny will engage you in conversations during and after major events. These are all part of an unmarked quest line called “Tapeworm” where you get to know Johnny a little better and determine whether or not your goals align. You’ll complete “Tapeworm” at the very beginning of Act 3, after which a new quest called “Chippin’ In” will appear. You’ll need to complete this quest in a particular way to unlock the one that follows it, “Blistering Love.”

How to Get the Blistering Love Side Quest in Cyberpunk 2077

During “Chippin’ In,” Johnny will request that you visit the Afterlife to talk to Rogue about your situation. However, he wants to do it himself, and requests you take Misty’s pills to give him temporary control of your body. In order to unlock “Blistering Love,” you’re gonna have to be extra nice to Johnny during this quest, so take the pills without question. 

After he takes your body on a little joyride (check your hand cyberware slot afterward if you want to get his little present removed), you’ll wake up in front of Rogue. After you chat, wait a day, then head to the Afterlife again to complete some unfinished business with Rogue and Johnny.

You can play the following encounter however you wish, though if you spare Grayson after defeating him and taking back Johnny’s pistol, he’ll give you the keys to Johnny’s old Porsche. After that, you’ll get the location of Johnny’s final resting place, where you’ll have one last heart to heart with him. 

Once again, you need to be nice to Johnny (which you should anyway, since you’re literally standing on his grave). Pick all of the friendliest dialogue options, and when he mentions wanting to take Rogue out on a date, say you’ll call her. Setting up this date will put the events of “Blistering Love” in motion, and add the quest to your journal shortly after. Incidentally, if you spared Grayson and got Johnny’s Porsche, take it with you when you go to pick up Rogue for some extra dialogue.