In almost any large-scale combat situation, a high-ground position can provide all sorts of advantages, including easier targeting and being harder to target yourself. Of course, while gliding downward is a big part of Fortnite, regaining elevation tends to be a bit more of an undertaking. But what if it didn’t have to be? Here’s how to get the Mythic Spire Jump Boots in Fortnite.

Among the numerous new features added to Fortnite for season 6, the Spire Jump Boots are arguably one of the most practical, which means they’re also one of the most coveted. When equipped, these boots grant you the ability to bounce off the ground up to two times. You jump once normally, then bounce to get a little higher, then bounce again to get super-high! In fact, the third jump gets you up so high, you can even redeploy your glider, which is super helpful for covering wide swaths of ground quickly. If you want to slip your tootsies into these boots, though, you’re gonna have to complete a little fetch quest.

How to Get Mythic Spire Jump Boots in Fortnite 

You may have noticed six miniature spires popping up around the Island. These spires house the boots, but to crack them, you’ll need a Guardian Orb. Just like the spires, computer-controlled Guardians have been placed in seven designated spots around the map.

Make your way to one of these locations and find the Guardian. They have a few tricky movement abilities and a little extra health, but otherwise, they’re pretty much the same as any player and can be fought in the same manner. 

When you defeat the Guardian, it’ll drop its Orb for you to pick up. Now here’s the tricky part: the Orb can’t be stashed in your inventory, it can only be physically carried over your head. This means that you’ll have to unequip your gun in order to carry it around. If an opponent comes at you while you’re lugging the Orb around, you’ll need to quickly drop it to defend yourself. 

While you’re holding the Orb, a faint haze will emanate from it to lead you to the nearest mini-spire. Follow the haze, and when you get to the spire, deposit the Orb. A few seconds later, the spire will cough up a fresh pair of Mythic Spire Jump Boots for you to enjoy.