The second week of Tokyo Tour is coming to an end in Mario Kart Tour. This means you have about one day left to try and score as many points as you can on this week’s ranked cup, Mario Cup.

We have some tips and tricks to share with you that could help you boost your rank right up into first place so you can secure those valuable rewards.

How to Get More Points on Mario Cup in Mario Kart Tour

The Tokyo Tour Mario Cup features three courses, Mario Circuit 2R, Yoshi Circuit, and Tokyo Blur R. Make sure you use the top tier drivers, karts, and gliders with maxed out base points to increase your starting points. Level up your drivers, karts, and gliders to increase their stats to give you benefits like more bonus points or increased Frenzy percentage.

Mario Circuit 2R

Use Peach (Kimono) or Metal Mario on this course to get three items per Item Box.

Yoshi Circuit

Use Yoshi or Mario on Yoshi Circuit to get three items per Item Box.

Tokyo Blur R

Use Peach (Kimono) on Tokyo Blur R to get three items per Item Box.

As always, the absolute best way to get a high score is to keep your combos going as long as possible. This means doing an action every 1-2 seconds before the combo chain expires. Actions that count towards combos are things like getting coins, doing boosts, going off jumps, slipstreams, hitting opponents, etc…

The longer your combo goes on, the more points and multipliers you get to your score. Massive combos can result in scores over 10,000, which is actually the required 5-star score in the final cup of each tour.