I have yet to meet a small device that cannot be improved by sticking things to it. Modification is the bedrock of ingenuity, or something like that. In Destiny 2, mods offer a way to upgrade your gear and add some extra perks. Of course, to make a mod happen, you need component parts, and those ain’t just gonna fall out of thin air. Here’s how to get mod components in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 features a litany of mods for both your armor and weapons that’ll give you a proper edge in a firefight. Enhanced defense, special damage types, faster reloads, and all sorts of other fun tweaks can be yours with the right mods. To actually get mods, though, you’ll need to either hunt them down during regular gameplay or, more relevant to today’s topic, purchase them from Banshee-44.

How to Get Mod Components in Destiny 2

Your favorite gunsmith, Banshee-44, will sell legendary mods of any type to you for a nominal fee of 1000 Glimmer, and a donation of two mod components. He can’t build you a mod without the right parts, after all.

There are two ways to get mod components:

  • Daily bounties
  • Mod dismantling

Every day, Banshee will offer you a selection of four bounty missions. Clearing one of those missions will reward you with two mod components, which means clearing all four will net you eight components in total. While you can pay some Glimmer to re-up those bounties, re-upped bounties won’t yield any mod components, so eight a day is all you’re getting on that front.

If you happen to have some mods lying around in your inventory you don’t need, you can dismantle them in your inventory to receive one mod component. The only catch is that it specifically needs to be a legendary mod; common mods won’t yield any components.