I’ve always found the concept of a “living weapon” fascinating. Not so much a weapon that breathes and thinks, but one powered by the souls and memories of the slain and lost. It’s so delightfully edgy, isn’t it? And certainly not out of character for a Final Fantasy game, which is probably why you can obtain such weapons in Final Fantasy XIV. Here’s how to get memories for Resistance weapons in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Resistance weapons can be upgraded with the memories of the dying during the Save the Queen questline. For those upgrades, you needed tortured, sorrowful, harrowing, and bitter memories. After that round of upgrades, though, you can upgrade the weapons further with another set of particularly unpleasant memories sourced from a few particular unpleasant locations. 

How to get Memories for Resistance Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV

After clearing Castrum Lacus Litore, you can pick up a quest entitled “Change of Arms” from Zlatan in Gangos. To upgrade your Resistance weapons further, he’ll require 15 loathsome memories of the dying. How pleasant. These memories can be obtained by clearing the level 50 alliance raids at Crystal Tower, Syrcus Tower, of World of Darkness. Every clear will net you one memory. You can also find them at Critical Engagements in the Bozjan Southern Front, but the drop rate is pretty low, so that’s not exactly a reliable method.

After you’ve got that settled, you can pick up the quest “The Resistance Remembers,” which requests 18 haunting memories and 18 vexatious memories. As with loathsome memories, both of these memories can be obtained from clearing particular raids. For haunting memories, you want the level 60 alliance raids at Void Ark, the Weeping City of Mhach, or Dun Scaith. For vexatious memories, you want the level 70 Ivalice raids at the Royal City of Rabanastre, the Ridorana Lighthouse, or the Orbonne Monastery. Both of these are also dropped by FATEs at Gyr Abania zones in the Fringes, the Peaks, and the Lochs, but again, their drop rates are trash.

To cap this whole exercise off, you’ll need to take on one more quest, “A New Path of Resistance,” requesting 15 timeworn artifacts. At least it’s not gross memories. These can be easily found at the Palace of the Dead or Delubrum Reginae. With that all squared away, you can finally upgrade your Resistance weapons.