Fuel is the life force of your Dyson Sphere empire. You will need fuel in large quantities to power your mech suit and the initial power plants that will produce energy for your factory. There are tons of different types of fuel sources in Dyson. Let’s take a look at how to get fuel in Dyson Sphere Program. 

How to Get Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

Initially, you will need just enough fuel to fill up your mecha suits fuel chamber. The first abundant fuel source you will come across will be coal ore. You can manually mine the coal nodes to get some initial coal but put miners down on the node as soon as you can. 

Each fuel source comes with a set of statistics. You can view the fuel stats by hovering over the item in your inventory. You can see if the item is actually a kind of fuel at the top of the tooltip. Towards the bottom, you will see the Energy and the Fuel Chamber gen. Energy is the amount of power the fuel will output; the higher, the better. Fuel chamber gen, is a multiplier on the burn time. This value could be negative, which means it will burn faster in your fuel chamber, and you will need more of it.

Coal has an Energy value of 2.70 MJ and a Fuel chamber gen of 0%, making a decent starting fuel. It can very quickly be smelted into Energetic graphite, which will provide 6.30 MJ of Energy and +60% Fuel chamber gen. Energetic graphite will be a core material for you and is even powerful enough to use while traveling between planets.

If you are stuck in a starting zone where coal is scarce, you can always power your suite with leave and tree logs. You will have to continuously harvest trees for fuel, which will get tedious very quickly, so keep your eyes open for coal.

All Dyson Sphere Program Fuel Stats

Dyson Sphere has tons of different fuels. Here is a rundown of some of the current ones and their stats.

Fuel Energy Fuel Chamber Gen
Carbon Nanotube 84.0 kJ -80%
Graphene 96.0 kJ -70%
Plant fuel 500 kJ -30%
Diamond 900 kJ -50%
Log 1.5 MJ -10%
Organic Crystal 1.80 MJ -20%
Coal Ore 2.70 MJ 0%
Crude Oil 4.00 MJ +20%
Refined Oil 4.40 MJ +30%
Fire Ice 4.80 MJ +40%
Energetic graphite 6.30 MJ +60%
Hydrogen 8.00 MJ +100%
Deuterium 8.00 MJ +100%
Hydrogen fuel rod 40.0 MJ +200%
Deuteron fuel rod 600 MJ +300%
Antimatter fuel rod 7.50 GJ +500%