Oh boy, this is a whole can of worms. CP is the microtransaction currency of choice for COD Mobile. It’s what you use to buy weapons and player skins, as well as the battle pass. Needless to say, it’s pretty important if you play COD daily. Getting it without opening up your wallet is a nightmare, though. Here’s how to get free CP in COD Mobile.

Three Ways You Can Get Free CP in COD Mobile

  • Survey and Reward Apps
  • Giveaways
  • Tournaments

I’m going to be going over three different methods that you can use to try and get your hands on some free CP. Keep in mind that these methods are anything but reliable. One requires luck, one requires a lot of time, and the other requires you to be in the top percentage of COD Mobile players, in which case you already buy CP. 

There is also a fourth method of earning CP without dishing out cash for it, sort of, but I’ll cover that towards the end. 

Survey and Reward Apps

These things have been around forever. If you’ve ever used one before, then you know how agonizingly slow the experience is. 

However, it’s the only method available for free CP that’s both free and guaranteed. There plenty of options available in both the Google Play and Apple Store, so at least you’re spoiled for choice. 

Just be prepared to spend several hours completing surveys and trying out mobile games before you earn enough credits to actually get any CP. 

You don’t have to dedicate yourself to this, though. Doing a survey or two while you’re on the bus or toilet is going to build up your credits over time. 


Giveaways are 100% luck. I’m sorry, but there are no two ways about it. That being said, countless CP Twitter giveaways are going on at any one time. 

A quick search is going to give you a bunch of free-entry competitions with CP rewards. If you enter as many as possible, you stand a chance at winning at least some free prizes. You might not win anything, though, but there’s no way to avoid that. 


Last but not least, you can enter private tournaments that award CP as prizes. Unlike giveaways, this method relies less on luck and more on your individual skill. If you’re particularly good at COD Mobile, then you stand a genuine chance at winning a tournament or two per week, depending on how many you play. 

You can find out about these tournaments on Twitter, just like the giveaways. There are plenty of YouTubers and Streamers that host them on the daily, so follow some relevant accounts and enter when you can. Even if you don’t win, playing in these tournaments is fun and gives you a chance to improve your skills, so I’d recommend this method, regardless. 

You Can Earn Free CP in COD Mobile from the Battle Pass

Yes, it is possible to earn CP from completing the Battle Pass. In fact, your Battle Pass is going to pay for itself, provided you complete it every season. 

This requires you to buy the battle pass in the first place, though, so it’s not exactly free. However, if you play regularly, you can spend $10 and use that to chain into multiple seasons. It just means that you’re not going to be able to get both store skins and the next season’s pass. 

I wish I had a surefire way for you to get quick CP for free, but it just doesn’t exist. CP sales are how COD Mobile generates revenue, so Activision has done everything in its power to make sure you have to pay for it. 

How much do COD Points Cost in COD Mobile?

  • 80 COD Points: $0.99
  • 420 COD Points: $4.99
  • 880 COD Points: $9.99
  • 2400 COD Points: $24.99
  • 5000 COD Points: $49.99
  • 10800 COD Points: $99.99