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You ever notice how in high fantasy/sci-fi settings, you can pretty much just mash whatever vaguely-scientific terms you want together to make new things? Like if I said “cryptographic ALU” to you, would you have any idea what that is? ‘Cause I don’t. It’s like the technobabble from Star Trek, you’re not supposed to know. But you do need it! So here’s how to get Cryptographic ALU in Warframe.

Cryptographic ALU is an uncommon-rarity special resource that serves a vital component of the Razorback Cipher. You need the Razorback Cipher to crack security systems on Razorback vessels. In fact, you can’t even play the Razorback Armada invasion event without one equipped on every member of your party, so you’re gonna need those Cryptographic ALUs to make one for everyone. Four Cryptographic ALUs per Cipher, to be precise, along with 1,500 Polymer Bundles, 3 Gallium, and 1,250 credits.

How to Get Cryptographic ALU in Warframe 

Cryptographic ALUs are dropped by Corpus Archwing enemies hanging out on Jupiter and Neptune. According to a few friendly members of the Warframe community, there are a couple of good missions for farming these things en masse.

  1. Sabotage mission located in the Galilea sector of Jupiter. Recommended level is 15-20.
  2. Mobile Defense mission located in the Salacia of Neptune. Recommended level is 27-32.

If you meet the level recommendation for it, the Neptune mission is the better choice. Cryptographic ALUs only drop one at a time, an unusual quality for an uncommon-rarity resource, but there are enough Corpus Archwings lurking around that you can usually get a good seven or so of them in a single mission run-through. Just remember to watch carefully for when enemies drop them; they look just like Omega Isotopes, albeit with a darker coloration, which may make them a little tricky to spot amidst the scenery if you weren’t paying attention.