The long and rigorous journey to the MLB is not for the faint of heart. The MLB The Show 21 game mode that showcases the tough grind of an athlete’s life best is The Road to the Show. In this mode, you have the option to create a brand new ballplayer and go through the ins and outs of being a professional athlete. However, to become a real-life MLB superstar, you will need to battle it out in the minors first. So, how do you get called up to the majors in MLB The Show 21? Here’s what you need to know.

How to get called up to the majors in MLB The Show 21

There are various ways one can go about improving their chances of getting called up to the majors, including choosing the right team, and improving your OVR rating. 

Choose your team wisely

When you first start in The Road to the Show, you will be asked to create your ballplayer and choose the team you would like to play for (or choose a random). Keep in mind the position you want to play, and choose your team accordingly, as this could have a dramatic impact on your ability to get called up to the majors. 

For example, it may be enticing to want to join a loaded Dodgers squad to potentially repeat as World Series Champions. But with a bullpen filled with star power like Clayton Kershaw, Trevor Bauer, and David Price (to name a few), your odds of making the roster are pretty slim. 

How quickly you move up through an organization will depend on how talented the roster is. So, as you grind through the AA and AAA minor leagues, you will need to keep an eye out for the players ahead of you on the depth chart in the major leagues.

Generally, if you are even close to the OVR rating of the players ahead of you, you will get the call. If you want to get called up quickly, you should look to target teams with low OVR players that you can easily beat out. Although, bear in mind that sometimes teams may acquire big-time players that play the same position as you, leaving you with a lesser chance of making the team. If this does happen, your AAA manager will come to you with a decision: either you can choose to switch positions or leave you’re future uncertain (most likely ending in a trade). 

Once you advance far enough where you can contend with the players in front of you, your AAA manager will notify you that you have officially earned a call up to the majors.

Improve your OVR

After choosing the club you want to play for, you’ll get sent to their AA minor league team. You will most likely be sitting at about a 50 OVR rating (unless you have excellent perks and equipment). The best way to increase your OVR is by obtaining new Perks and more powerful archetypes. You can do this by completing the designated tasks in an Archetype Program.

Remember that each organization will have different requirements you will need to meet to get called up. So, it depends entirely on the individual team when looking at OVR requirements needed to get the call. 

Try to play every ball game, and avoid simulating whenever possible. After each game, you will be able to increase specific attributes. Make sure to upgrade your archetype and perks as much as you can. That way, you’ll give your ballplayer the best odds of getting called up to the MLB!