Each area in New Pokemon Snap has many alternate routes you can take to discover new Pokemon and extraordinary photo opportunities. One of the best routes is behind the waterfall on the Founja Jungle level, but you’ll need to do a few things first before you can get access. Here’s how to get behind the waterfall on the Jungle level in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Get Behind the Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap

To get behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap, follow these steps:

  1. Load into the Jungle (Night) level.
  2. Play a melody to make the Pikipeks fly away.
  3. Take a picture to make the Liepard run away.
  4. Scan the area, and analyze the alternate route.

First, you’ll need to be on the nighttime edition of the Founja Jungle level, as that’s the only way you can get behind the waterfall. Near the end of the level, you’ll approach the waterfall, which runs into a lake with lots of Magikarp. On the left-hand side, on a rock just before the waterfall, you’ll see a Liepard with some Morelull and Pikipeks.

You’ll need to scare all these Pokemon away before you have the option to take the alternate route. So, first, you can play a melody to scare off the Pikipeks. Next, you can take a picture to scare away the Liepard. Once they are all gone, you can press the X button to scan the area. A marker should pop up that has an alternate route in the analysis. Interact with that to change your direction and head to the back of the waterfall.

Once you get behind the waterfall, there are lots of cool Pokemon that were only slightly visible from the outside looking in. There are a couple of Swamperts, a Leafeon, some Morelull, and a Wooper. Make sure to take some nice photos for Professor Mirror. 

There you have it, that’s how you get behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap.