High scores aren’t really as much of a priority for games these days as they used to be. People tend to set their own standards of accomplishment rather than seeking definitively high numbers. Even so, you can’t deny that little lizard-brain pleasure of seeing a number get really high once in a while. Here’s how to get a high score in Dorfromantik.

How to Get a High Score in Dorfromantik

The trick to getting a high score in Dorfromantik is to be consistent. In other words, tiles need to match up with the ones next to them in natural ways to create seamless scenery. You can technically put tiles wherever you want, but if the layout doesn’t make sense, you’re just gonna run out. To get a perfect tile alignment, each side of your tile needs to match up with the adjacent side of the tile next to it. For example, grassland should connect to grassland, rivers to rivers, towns to towns, and so on. If you can perfectly place a tile so all of its sides match, you’ll get a perfect bonus to your score, plus a free extra tile to keep you going longer.

Aside from pursuing perfect placements, you should always endeavor to complete quests when they’re available. Completing quests will also give you extra points, as well as a whopping five extra tiles to your stack. Plus quests that only require a certain number of tile types can be completed fairly quickly and easily, so if you get a tile that has one, take care of it promptly.

Though, speaking of promptness, you should remember that Dorfromantik is, by nature, a very low-key game. There are no time limits or major penalties for imperfect tile placements. Take your time to carefully observe the board and make the most logical decisions available. Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice a tile for an imperfect placement, but don’t lose heart. As long as you make your moves carefully, a high score will gradually come on its own.