In the new and final Terraria update, Journey’s End, players can now have a pet cat to hang out with. Owning a cat is not as simple as just buying one from a vendor. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a cat license and pet cat in Terraria Journey’s End.

How to get a Cat License and Pet Cat in Terraria Journey’s End

Before we start, you will have to have a Zoologist living in your town if you want to consider getting a cat. Check out our Terraria Journey’s End NPC list and preferences guide to figure out how to do that.

After having over ten percent of your bestiary complete and your Zoologist, you can talk to the NPC and purchase a Cat License. This item will set you back about 5 gold, but nobody said it would be cheap to own a cat in Terraria.

After getting your Cat License, you can simply use it as you would with any other item in Terraria. After using it, the next day you will see a pet cat in your town. One of the most exciting new features is that you can actually pet your cat! It will also bring you presents sometimes, which is a nice bonus.

The Zoologist only sells one cat license per world, so you can’t become a crazy cat lady and have 50 cats in your house in Terraria. That’s all there is to it. I hope this guide helped you learn how to get a cat license and pet cat in Terraria Journey’s End.