Outriders, the looter-shooter from Square Enix, released on April 1, 2021, and was well received. It quickly shot to number one on the Steam charts on day one. As with any new launch title, there’s always a plethora of issues in the first few days or weeks while the developers work on ironing things out. One common issue players report is a disappearing HUD. If you don’t know how to fix it, we have an easy solution. Here’s how to fix your game if your HUD and crosshair disappear in Outriders.

How to Fix HUD and Crosshair Disappearing in Outriders

Players may sometimes experience a missing HUD, where the crosshair, health bar, minimap, weapon loadout, and skill bar will all be gone from the screen. It seems to be a random occurrence that happens more often when playing in a multiplayer game. You can exit the game to the lobby and reload the story to get your HUD to show up again. There does not appear to be any sort of hotkey to hide the hud that you may have accidentally pressed.

It’s undoubtedly a strange fix, but perhaps the game needs to reload again due to a failure to load the asset. The development team is likely aware of this since people report it on social media and send in bug reports. You can join or start a discussion about this issue on the Outriders Steam Community discussion page or the Outriders subreddit. These are the two best places to communicate with the developers in real-time.