How to fix AC Valhalla Defensive Measure Glitch?

AC Valhalla has gone through ups and downs during the launch, but later Ubisoft released updates to make the game performance better. Users who are playing this game including us are now happy with the amazing new Viking world of the Assassin’s Creed series. But there is one glitch still causing the issue and in this guide, we will discuss how to resolve it. In this AC Valhalla, Defensive Measure Glitch fixes you can learn about to complete the quest as well as what is the possible way to fix the crashing issue.

AC Valhalla Defensive Measure Glitch

Defensive Measure is a tough quest in AC Valhalla. A quest where you will be fighting waves of enemies to guard to help a builder setting up his shield. A unique green light that destroys raiders in the region. The issue with this quest is users have reported they are getting killed easily. Once hit and dead, second some users have reported the game crashes.

Check Valhalla for the latest updates, that is one way to resolve various bugs and glitches in the game. You can verify the game files through Uplay Launcher. Just click on the game and go to Properties from there you can run a file verification to make sure everything is fine. Any damaged or broken files will be downloaded automatically so run this first.

Second, if you are on a lower level then there are fewer chances you might survive. Defensive Measure quest has an entire army or raiders chasing you. The first to do is run and cross the shield, if you get caught behind you will be killed in an instant. Avoid running far from the shield region, you just have to find one raider and return. Others will spawn on their own and run into the shield.

AC Valhalla Defensive Measure Glitch

This is the first phase of the quest, in the second, the shield disappears. Raiders can pass through, be ready if you are somewhere above level 120 with the Excalibur sword you can beat them down easily. You will need to find 11 Tablets to unlock this sword which also includes 3 boss fights. If the game crashes during this quest then do this. Press F5 after talking to the builder, and then walk out of the shield. Press F5 again after finding the raiders you can reload this game back again from the last spot by pressing F9. This will save your time and you can reload the game instantly from the last best checkpoint.

If you are finding it tough to kill the enemies try to use your abilities. They are the ones that will help you the most in surviving the mayhem. By assigning the right ability to the right key will give you a push in killing tougher enemies. For example the axe throw, an ability to throw axes on one single target.

To know more about completing the various quests, unlock amazing new abilities, skills, etc have a look on our extensive AC Valhalla Wiki guide.

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