Vesipiquen is the queen of the Combee hive, and the Combee are a loyal bunch. For a few LenTalk requests, you will have to figure out how to summon Vespiquen so you can snap some pictures. Summoning this Pokemon is how you complete Dancing with the Queen and For Whose Sake, both of which are fairly easy once you know how it works. Here’s how to find Vespiquen in New Pokemon Snap.

How to find Vespiquen in New Pokemon Snap

  1. Load into Fiora Nature Park (Night) on Research Level 2.
  2. Go to the end of the map until you hit the flower fields.
  3. Use an Illumina Orb on the first Crystabloom on the right.
  4. Wait for Vespiquen to show up on the right side of the path.

Summoning Vespiquen is a simple process. You’ll need to make sure you’re on the proper Research Level in Fiora Nature Park’s nighttime area. Skip through the rest of the level until you’re about to hit the flowery fields, home to Comfey during the day and Combee at night.

Look to your right where the flower fields start, and you should see a Crystabloom fairly close to you. Throw an Illumina Orb at it to activate it. Wait a few seconds for Vespiquen to show up on your right side. 

How to find Vespiquen in New Pokemon Snap - Crystabloom

Now, you can hit Vespiquen with an Illumina Orb and snap a picture, and then also snap a picture of the Combee dancing next to Vespiquen. Doing both of these tasks will complete two LenTask requests: Dancing with the Queen and For Whose Sake.

It’s an easy way to knock out two quests in one run. One thing to note is that your picture of Combee must also include Vespiquen in the picture, but Combee needs to be the main focus. Here are two example pictures you can reference if you’re trying to complete the requests.