Fortnite week three is underway for Chapter 2 Season 6, and we have some new challenges to work through. One of the first ones to work through is finding the thief and playing the Last Log. It all begins with an NPC named Raz. We have our Fornite character locations map if you need some assistance, but we’ll also walk you through this challenge in our guide here. Here’s how to find the thief, play the Last Log, and return to Raz in Fortnite.

How to Find the Thief in Fortnite

To begin on this quest, pay a visit to Raz over in the island’s Colossal Crops area. Speak with Raz and ask him about the Spire, and he’ll mention something about finding a log. Luckily, the Last Log is nearby.

Last Log Location in Fortnite

Hop down from the structure with Raz, and make your way a bit south toward the building’s edge. You’ll see an audio log on the corner of the building, which looks like a tape recorder. Walk over to it and interact with it to play the audio log. You’ll hear something say, “…Listen to the crystal song…”

How to Return to Raz in Fortnite

After playing the audio log, you need to return to Raz back at his location. Walk back up the stairs and return to Raz to complete this quick and easy Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 quest. Make sure to speak with him and click the speech bubble on the radial menu to complete it.