Anyone who’s played just about any game involving crafting knows that weapons and tools made of wood and inferior metals will only get you so far. If you really want to get in deep and stake your claim on the world, you’re gonna need gear that can take some punishment. You need good ol’ iron. Here’s where you can find some iron in Valheim.

You can craft iron bars in Valheim by melting down either iron ore or scrap iron in a smelter. These iron bars can be used at a workbench to create sturdier iron tools like axes and pickaxes, as well as stronger iron swords. In order to get the raw iron you need for these, though, you’re gonna have to venture into some potentially dangerous territory.

How to Find Iron in Valheim

Scrap iron is found specifically in the Swamp biome throughout your world. In swampy biomes, you can find small dungeons known as Sunken Crypts. You’ll know these things when you see them, as they have spooky green torches placed in front of them. You’ll need a swamp key to open a crypt, which you’ll get from defeating The Elder. Inside the crypts, be on the lookout for muddy scrap piles sticking out of the ground. Smash these piles with your pickaxe to receive some scrap iron. Be careful, as Sunken Crypts are crawling with dangerous foes; if you’re not ready for a fight, you’ll get your head handed to you.

If gross piles aren’t your thing, you can find raw iron ore veins. These are also located in swamps, and can be dug up with a bronze pickaxe, though they’re a little harder to stumble upon than the scrap piles in the crypts. Official Valheim documentation claims that you can find iron ore veins in snowy mountain biomes as well, though according to some players, this hasn’t been implemented in the game yet, so for the time being, swamps are your best bet.

Once you’ve amassed your iron, take it home, dump it in the smelter, and craft the resulting iron bars into better tools. Once you’ve got some better gear, getting your hands on more iron will hopefully be a slightly smoother process.