What would a Viking game be without venturing out to sea and exploring the open waters? In Valheim, you may come across some ferocious sea creatures that don’t take too kindly to you venturing into their territory. Luckily, you can hunt and kill these sea serpents if you have the right tools handy. Here’s how to find and kill sea serpents in Valheim.

Preparing to Hunt Sea Serpents in Valheim

There are a few things you’ll need before going on a journey to find and kill sea serpents in Valheim

  • A boat or longship
  • Abyssal Harpoon

Sea Serpents can quickly destroy any dinky raft that gets in its way, so you’ll want to craft a regular boat or a longship. Once you discover bronze and iron, you can make either of these boats with some nails and wood. 

Next, you’ll want an Abyssal Harpoon handy on one of your crewmembers (or all of them). A bow and arrow will definitely do some damage, but Abyssal Harpoons make the job so much easier. You can make these tools by finding Chitin, a resource located on small islands in the middle of the ocean. 

You can get Chitin by mining Abyssal Barnacles on the “islands,” which are actually on the backs of giant sea creatures. Be careful because the giant sea creature will eventually submerge and leave you stranded in the ocean if your boat is too far away.

How to Find Sea Serpents in Valheim

Now that you have the necessary tools, you are probably wondering how to find these beasts. To find sea serpents in Valheim, hop aboard your ship and set sail for an ocean biome. Sail into the open waters, and you will see the biome name change to “Ocean” on your screen’s top right. 

Sea serpents tend to appear more often when it’s storming, so be on the lookout when the weather shifts. When you finally do come across one, have one player in charge of sailing while you use your abyssal harpoon on it. When you land your hit with the harpoon, you can drag the sea serpent to shore at the nearest landmass. The player who uses the harpoon will not be able to do any additional actions while the serpent is harpooned. 

Drag the creature into some shallow water near land, and start unleashing arrows on it. You want to have it in shallow water because the loot it drops will sink immediately. Killing the creature in open water will make it impossible to loot some of the items. 

What items do Sea Serpents drop in Valheim?

Sea Serpents drop Serpent Meat, Serpent Scales, and Serpent Trophies. Serpent Meat is used in the Serpent Stew recipe, providing users with a massive 80 Health and 80 Stamina bonus for 2400 seconds, making it one of the game’s best food items. You will need 1 Cooked Serpent Meat, 1 Mushroom, and 2 Honey to create Serpent Stew.

What most Vikings will want to collect, though, is Serpent Scales. You can create a fantastic Serpent Scale shield at the forge using Serpent Scales. To make a Serpent Scale Shield in Valheim, you’ll need 8 Serpent Scales, 10 Fine Wood, and 4 Iron.