The world of Valheim is rich with all manners of vegetation. Part of being a survivalist, and a tough-as-nails Norse one at that, is learning how to raise and harvest that vegetation, as well as turn it into something either useful or palpable. Such a task may seem difficult with particular thorny flora like thistle, but if you’re a real viking, you’ll do it and do it properly. Here’s how to farm thistle in Valheim.

You can find plants growing all over the place, though especially in the Black Forest and Swamp Biomes. Thistle, in particular, can be easily identified by its glowing blue blooms. Harvesting thistle is easy; just walk over and press E. There are usually a few deposits of thistle located in close proximity to each other, but sooner or later, you’ll run out of the wild stuff. This is when it’s time to start farming instead. 

How to Farm Thistle in Valheim

To farm thistle, you’ll need two things: a Cultivator, and thistle seeds. A Cultivator is a tool you can use to till the soil and make it suitable for growing crops. The first time you smelt a bronze bar, you’ll receive the recipe for the Cultivator, which you can then craft with the following ingredients:

  • 5 Core Wood
  • 5 Bronze

Next, you’ll need thistle seeds. You can’t just plant harvested thistle back in the ground, that’s not how nature works. While thistle itself grows in both the Black Forest and Swamp, you can only find the seeds in the Swamp. You’ll find them here and there as you explore, sometimes in chests, sometimes as dropped loot. 

With your seeds and Cultivator, you can till some soil to make a little patch of farmland and plant your seeds in it. Technically, the soil is the only requirement, and thistle in particular can grow just about anywhere, but you might want to build a fence as well to keep the wild animals away. Plant your seeds in the tilled soil, wait 3-4 in-game days, and you’ll have a patch of thistle ripe for harvesting.

Using thistle, you can create nutritious food and enchanted mead bases. Here are the currently available recipes:

  • Blood Pudding
    • Thistle x2
    • Bloodbag x2
    • Barley flour x4
  • Sausage
    • Entrails x2
    • Raw meat x1
    • Thistle x4
  • Mead Base: Frost Resistance
    • Honey x10
    • Thistle x5
    • Bloodbag x2
    • Greydwarf eye x1
  • Mead Base: Poison Resistance
    • Honey x10
    • Thistle x5
    • Neck tail x1
    • Coal x10