Image via Capcom

Fun fact: the fictional currency “Zenny” is used in a bunch of Capcom’s game franchises, including Mega Man, Street Fighter, and of course, Monster Hunter. The name is actually derived from an old Japanese word, “zeni,” used to denote common currency in the Edo era. Since Monster Hunter Rise is set in a feudal-style ninja village, I guess the name’s pretty thematically appropriate this time around, huh? Here’s how to farm money in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster hunting is a large-scale enterprise, which means it needs a large-scale purse to fund it. You’ll receive a decent amount of Zenny just from completing quests and selling off common  monster parts, but if you’re in the market for particular equipment, you’re gonna need a little more cash than what regular gameplay may afford you. Luckily, there’s plenty of money making opportunities to be found out in the wild.

How to Farm Money in Monster Hunter Rise

As I mentioned, completing quests will be your first and foremost means of fundraising. However, if you want to pick up some extra cash, you’ll get greater rewards for completing quests by yourself. Hunting with a party is easier, but everyone gets a cut of the reward at the end, which means less for you. If you’re tough enough, it could be worth a shot.

You should also endeavor to try and squeeze every last bit of pocket change you can out of your hunts. There are a few pieces of gear you can use to do this: first, for completing the side quest “Redefining the Power Couple,” you’ll receive the Bandit Mantle, which can be thrown over a monster to make it drop rare, valuable items. The same effect can be achieved with the Plunderblade, a Palico gadget that allows them to harass monsters for their items. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to get it, the Money Maker dango will grant you an extra 30% Zenny for every quest you complete, so make sure to go hunting whenever you have access to it.

In addition to making money, you should also try to save money wherever possible. Instead of buying new sets of equipment, you should always try to craft them from composite monster parts. It may take a little longer, but you’ll save yourself a bundle down the line.