How to Farm in Outriders

Outriders is a game that is centered around acquiring new and better gear. This acquisition process involves completing quests, defeating enemies, and farming for what you want. Since this is a looter-shooter farming is a viable means of decking your hero out in gear you want. With that said the process of farming is a bit strange. To learn more about how to farm in Outriders see our guide below.

Note: Info below is based on the demo. Things may change before/at release.

Farm Chests/Enemies in Main Story Missions

  • Current Meta: Farm the four chests in and around the Gauss boss area. This area is accessible during the Confront the Altered at the Tower story mission. Each run can yield you roughly 8 pieces of loot depending on what the chests drop. Takes about 1-3 minutes depending on Gauss fight.

One of the first ways you are introduced to acquiring gear is item chests. These chests appear during story missions and, when opened, yield a piece of gear or two. These gear chests remain opened after completing the story mission you found them in. If you wish to farm chests for gear you will want to replay story missions.

The methods to replay story missions in Outriders are a bit of a pain. First you can simply opt to join other player’s games that haven’t played the story mission yet. This method is quick and easy if you have friends playing the game. You can also look for strangers to play with as well. The second approach is to actively replay story missions. This can be done from the game’s lobby screen under the Select Story Point option. This option allows you to revert your game progress back to previous missions, making it possible to replay missions as much as you like. When you are done farming a mission be sure to change progress back using the method above.

The story mission farming method is good for opening gear chests and that’s about it. If you do run story missions you will want to grab any gear chests you find along the way to maximize return. This will allow you to acquire a decent chunk of gear relatively easily. Enemies you encounter in story missions also have a loot chance as well, but the method below is better for enemy farming.

Farm Side Missions

Off the main track of the story missions is a number of side missions players can encounter while out in the world of Outriders. These side missions typically involve accessing an offshoot area of the main map. At the end of these areas is a champion enemy. These champion enemies can be farmed relatively easily for their drops.

To farm side missions after you’ve completed them simply approach the NPC that gives you the mission and speak to them again. On the dialogue tree you will find the option to replay side missions they’ve given you. Choose this option to start up the side mission again.


  • Current Meta: Farm Lt. McCain during the side mission called Terra Infirma given to you by Shira in Rift Town.

When the side mission is activate you will gain access to the location the mission takes place in. Head there and complete the side mission up to the champion’s room (last room of the area). Here is where the farming method comes into play. To farm a champion enemy do the following:

  1. Defeat champion while leaving some adds.
  2. Collect loot dropped by champion.
  3. Die to adds.
  4. Respawn.
  5. Repeat 1+2.

Using the steps above you can farm the drops off the champion enemy indefinitely as you will return to the checkpoint at the start of the room. Be sure to grab the drops before dying as they do disappear on death. The death will lower the World Tier, but will not drop you down a tier (meaning you stay in WT5 for example) even if the WT bar is empty.

I’ve used the methods above to farm for the different legendries currently in the game. Using the methods above you will be awash with different gear items including weapons and armor. This will allow you to deck out your hero in strong gear fairly quickly. If you have anymore suggestions for farming let me know in the comments.

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