The Swinub line were definitely some of my favorite new Pokémon of Gen 2. I mean, look at them, they’re cute, furry little pig things. Even Piloswine, with its tusks, was still pretty gosh-darned adorable. It wasn’t until Gen 4 when it could evolve into Mamoswine that it stopped being cute and started being awesome. Wooly mammoths are awesome, fight me. If you want a miniature mammoth of your own, here’s how to evolve Piloswine in Pokémon GO.

As Ice/Ground types, Swinubs and Piloswines typically appear in the wild near snowy areas. Obviously, it’s not winter right now, and not all of us are blessed enough to live next to a ski resort, but you can still find Ice types hanging out near large bodies of water. Their partial Ground typing also has them appearing around beaches and large, open fields. Technically, it is possible for a Mamoswine to spawn in the wild, but the odds of that are negligible at best, so you’re probably better off just looking for a Swinub or Piloswine.

How to Evolve Piloswine in Pokémon GO

If you’re starting from Swinub, you’ll first need 25 Swinub candy to evolve it into Piloswine. After that, you’ll need 100 Swinub candy to evolve it further into Mamoswine. That’s not the only thing you’ll need, however; in addition to the candy, you’ll also need to possess a Sinnoh Stone. 

Sinnoh Stones, much like other evolutionary stones, are primarily obtained from spinning the signs above PokéStops and Gyms. Unfortunately, the odds of a spun sign yielding a Sinnoh Stone on your first try are only around 1%, but those odds improve if you keep spinning signs every day. If you log in and spin signs for seven days in a row, your odds of rolling a Sinnoh Stone should improve to around 50%, so you’re just gonna have to be patient and spin a lot of signs.

When you’ve got the stone, just go to Piloswine’s profile, cough up the candy and stone, and voila. Your very own portable mammoth, and a high-quality defensive Pokémon to boot!