Outriders is a cooperative looter-shooter game developed on Unity by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. The official launch date is April 1, 2021, but the demo is now available for gamers on all platforms. While you can play the game solo, you can also invite up to two other people to join you for a co-op adventure. First, you’ll need to make sure to do a few things before you can play cooperatively. Here’s how to enable co-op in Outriders.

How to Enable Co-Op in Outriders

To enable co-op in Outriders, all players must first play through and complete the prologue. As with most games, the prologue entails short training tutorials and a quick first mission that starts off the story and brings you to the alien planet of Enoch.

Once all players complete the prologue, you should now have the option to join public games. You can choose to either join a random fire team or play with friends from the main lobby screen. There’s also the option to continue the game, which hosts a game solo and throws you back in where you left off. 

If you’re already in a game playing by yourself and a friend wants to join up with you, open the game menu (ESC on PC) and change your Game Privacy to friends only (Tab on PC). You can then tap on the ‘play with friends’ and invite anyone from your friend list, as long as they finished the prologue and are on the same platform. You can also change your game privacy to open, which will allow strangers to join your game.

How to play with friends cross-play in Outriders

Tapping on play with friends also allows you to generate a cross-play game code. You can provide this code to your friends, allowing them to join your game from any platform. Tap on the option to create a game code, and it will populate a string of 8 letters and numbers. Give this code to your friends, and have them join you through the same menu.

In Outriders co-op, players receive exclusive drops, meaning the loot is not shared. Each player gets the same item drops, but the stats on them are random.