How to Eat in Shenmue III

Your health in Shenmue III plays an important role in ensuring you have enough energy to accomplish everything you wish to accomplish. If you run to much or take to much damage your energy will deplete. To ensure this doesn’t happen you will want to eat food. Below I show you how to eat in Shenmue III.

How to Feed Ryo in Shenmue III?

In Shenmue III you gain access to a number of different food items. These food items refill your health when used. To eat in Shenmue III you want to bring up the food menu (R1 on PS4). Here you will gain access to all the various foods you have on Ryo. Once you’ve picked the food you wish to eat interact with it then select yes on use Selected Item. This will raise Ryo’s health. Keep in mind different food items heal for different total health. The better the food the more your health will be replenished.

That’s everything you need to know about how to eat in Shenmue III. Keep it locked to Hold To Reset for more Shenmue III guides.

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