There are a variety of modes within NBA 2K21 that provide us with the opportunity to live the life of an NBA player, GM, or commissioner. However, with each mode bringing in new challenges, it will require an adequate amount of Virtual Currency (VC) to remain competitive. This fact leaves many 2k fans wondering, “how do I earn VC quickly in NBA 2K21?”

How to Earn VC Quickly in NBA 2K21

The most efficient and practical ways to collect VC in NBA 2K21 through gameplay are by:

  1. Playing MyCareer Games
  2. Blacktop Mode
  3. Simming MyLeague Games

Playing MyCareer Games

MyCareer games are a fantastic way to rake in copious amounts of VC, as you’ll be earning thousands PER GAME. In MyCareer, you can earn VC for every point, rebound, assist, block, steal. You’ll get VC for literally any statistical category you can think of in NBA 2K21. And the bigger your stat line, the bigger the payday. 

On top of your guaranteed VC salary, you will also have the opportunity to unlock more endorsements and incentives throughout your career (which will earn you more VC per game).

Blacktop Mode

Blacktop Mode is another popular way for 2K players to bring in massive amounts of VC. The primary reason for this is because each game is very fast-paced. The average game only nets you around 200 VC, but the length of each game makes up for it. 

If you set each match to a 1v1 setting with a game capped at 5, you’ll be earning 200 + VC within minutes. Plus, there’s an instant rematch option so that players can play game after game after game, with almost 0 wait time in between matches. 

Simming MyLeague Games 

While the first two options present fun ways to not only explore the game’s many features but also rake in some VC, this way offers a much simpler and more efficient way of doing so. 

All you have to do is start a new season in MyLeague, and instead of just simming to a certain point in the season, click on each individual game and simulate it with Simcast Live. What this will do is it will allow you to watch the movements of the players on the court while simming the entire game at a speed of your choice. Each game should net you around 150 VC per game and takes only seconds to sim… not too bad for an 82-game season…