NBA 2K has always been at the forefront of implementing new ways to create a more life-like feel to the game. With so many classic NBA moves being added to the game over the years, it was only a matter of time before we saw one of the world’s greatest talents get added to the list: Stephen Curry. One of the most popular dribbling animations in NBA 2K21 is the Curry Slide, named after Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry, leaving many 2Kers curious about how to perform the Curry Slide in NBA 2K21’s Next Gen consoles. 

The Curry Slide is a fun animation to add to your player’s offensive arsenal, as it allows you to quickly slide step on the court while also receiving a speed boost. It’s perfect for those situations where you find yourself a half-step too slow, as it leaves your defender stuck out of position with relative ease. Though as effective as this move is, it also requires a few steps to activate. 

How to do the Curry Slide in NBA 2K21

To do the Curry Slide in NBA 2K21, when you have possession of the ball, keep an eye on which hand you have the ball in, as it will affect the input for this animation. When you are holding the ball, you will want to pull down and hold R/R3 down in a diagonal direction for no longer than 2 seconds. 

It depends on which hand you start with because the direction you pull down will depend on which hand has the ball. So, if the ball is in your left hand, then you will pull down R/R3 diagonally to the right. But, if the ball is in your right hand, then you will pull down R/R3 diagonally to the left. 

Keep in mind that the R/R3 toggle will still initiate a shooting animation if you simply pull it straight down, so pay extra close attention to the direction you’re pulling the trigger.